If you want to have and maintain a healthy body you need to work out and
exercise on a regular basis. It makes no difference if you "worked out really
hard" 3 years ago and had the perfect body. Chances are if you stopped this
regimen, you no longer have that body you once did. The same goes for a
healthy business. If you advertised heavily and had loads of business "a few
years ago" and now customers have stopped coming in. The answer as to why -
relay should not be rocket science. Just as your muscles stop getting worked
out if you stop exercising - your customers stop getting reminded of your
existence if you stop advertising.

One of the most baffling things I hear often from business owners is the
following: "Business is really slow, so we cut back on advertising, now its even
slower... I don't know what to do". Did it occur to these people that the key to
getting customers in the door is making them aware and excited about their
businesses? Fading off into obscurity, is a sure ticket to a going out of business
sale - NOT a one way ticket to increased business.

But "advertising" wasn't working for me! Let's say I walk into your business, pick
up a Dixie cup from the water cooler, pulled the tab for water and nothing comes
out. Should I immediately assume that EVERYTHING you sell "wont work"? Of
course not. Your advertising plan may have been simply getting old. Every
message has a shelf life. When was the last time you talked about something
different? Maybe it was in a medium that does not have the same following as it
once did. Or maybe – you were not getting enough exposure for what you could
afford and need to find another outlet for your marketing dollars. I’m sure the
answer is not simply to “Stop advertising”.

Chances are you are confused if you are in this state. You know your business!
NOT the world of marketing. That is why at this point I would suggest talking with
a marketing professional who can show you the options that are available to you
on your budget. They work on a commission, so most of the time you never have
to pay them anything as the outlets for advertising they get you on pay them for
bringing in business. Most importantly – be honest with them. If your budget is
1k don’t tell them you can spend 5k and expect some sort of crazy discount to do
business with you. These agents can negotiate deals and prices – they can’t
work miracles. They want your business and will likely do whatever they can to
get you the most for your budget – to ensure a turn around and a continued

And yes… it just so happens that this is what I do for a living. I love helping
businesses dig out of dark spots, and new businesses see their true potential.
If you would like to talk more about ways to help your business grow give me a
call anytime. (231)468-9972 OR email me…
tony@bestradiocommercials.com .
Before you throw in the towel, or are just staring your venture – I would love the
opportunity to help you along the way!
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