The Marketing Boat
When it comes to marketing your business, is your boat in the water?  

Let me explain -  2 Key factors need to be in place in order for your marketing
to be effective. Skimp on one of them, you will be throwing your hard earned
money away.

  • The Message (The Boat) – This could be your audio commercial,
    piece of print advertising, TV commercial, or website. If it’s not
    compelling with a clear call to action – no one will care to learn more
    about you or your services.
  • The Venue  (The water) This could be the radio station, TV station,
    newspaper, website, billboard location, etc.  Your clear and compelling
    message needs to be in the right venue for it to be effective. Just as
    you wouldn’t try to put your luxury powerboat into a shallow lake, filled
    with tree stumps. You wouldn’t want to buy advertising on a rarely
    viewed publication or radio station few listeners just because it has
    cheap rates. Like the shallow lake filled with stumps… it has water -
    however your boat won’t do what it was made to do, just as the wrong
    venue won’t provide the opportunity to achieve what you set out to do.

Bottom line, you can’t expect to see an ROI, if you skimp on the message,
or the venue
. Have a poor message and a great venue, no one will pay
attention. Have a great message and a poor venue, no one will hear it or care.
This may sound basic, however you wont believe the amount of people who
fall into this trap.

How do you find the right venue? How much should it cost?  Any business
person should know the logistics – This is where I come into explain your
market with an honest perspective, effective marketing messages to use, and
dedication to helping you get an ROI.

The Right Venue – This is fairly simple. We take a look at where your target
customers are, what they listen to, and what they read. Then we find the most
cost effective ways of getting you there.  
The cost – There is usually an effective marketing plan out there for almost
any realistic budget. It’s my job to help you find the right venue for you to be
effective with-in your realistic budget.  The key here is being realistic. You’re
savvy and want to get the most for your dollar, I want that too. I also want your
message to be delivered to a responsive audience, so you can see an ROI. I’ll
tell you if what your goals are with-in your budget are possible, or if we need to
make adjustments or find alternative plans before you make any investment.

The continued success of any business depends on its marketing efforts, and
focus. Make sure your business has a realistic plan in place, and the right
people giving you honest advice along the way.
If I can be of any assistance at all, please don’t hesitate to call or email with
any questions.

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