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You hear them all the time in radio commercials. Customers raving about a
select business or service. However, not all radio commercial testimonials are
created equal. The old rule of "any exposure is good exposure" does not apply
here. If you heard someone talking about a service you were contemplating
using, and it came across as very "forced" or "fake" - It may taint your idea of the
service. It may even make you feel as though they were trying to "cover up"
something... otherwise... why would they have "fake" customers talking about
them? Even if that is not the case, that is the perception to the consumer.
However when a radio commercial testimonial ia delivered in a genuine and
sincere tone - it can be super successful! Here are the three keys to a
successful radio testimonial.

The first key that you should have on your radio testimonials are real people. It
sounds obvious, but more times than not testimonials are bogged down with
bad voice actors reading from scripts written by the business owner in only the
way a business owner would describe their business. The average customer
does not walk into a store and say "wow, you have the best selection and the
lowest prices around - with deals starting at 9.99 - that's amazing!!". You know
your business better than your customers - so you talk in "owner speak". If you
want your testimonials to sound real AND connect. They need to come from the
way your customers talk. How do you know what they are saying... Ask Them!
Whey they talk about your business they my describe it in ways you never
thought of.

The second key to a successful radio testimonial is not TELLING people what
to say. Too often, I have clients bring me REAL customers who want to talk
about their business. Then I see them walk into the studio with a script in
hand! Newsflash! They are not talking about your business at this point, they
are reading from a script you gave them, and might a I add... this is the worst
type of testimonial. At least an actor can make an attempt at sounding real. Joe
Blow with a script in his and is going to butcher what you want him to say about
your business like you wouldn't believe! No scripts when it comes to
testimonials... Just questions... Questions that the people who are being
recorded do know know in advance!

The third successful radio testimonial key is - Keep it customers only. No one
wants to hear your children talk about "daddy's store" or your wife make some
stupid off handed remark about her husband or vice verse. People want to hear
what other people just like them thought about your business - period! Keep
the children talking and spouse jokes for the Christmas party presentations.

If you would like to go further and discuss how to successfully record and use
customer testimonials in your radio commercials, feel free to call me at any
time! (231)468-9972 or email
tony@bestradiocommercials.com .
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