2 Major Radio Commercial
When it comes to any form of advertising - There are quite a few pitfalls that
one can fall into. Very expensive pitfalls that is... Many of which could easily be
avoided if someone who knew a few key things about consumer reactions
were behind the creation of your ad. For this example lets take a look at two
major mistakes from a radio commercial I just heard.

Mistake #1 - Too Cute. Being someone who makes radio commercials for a
living, I naturally pay attention to all mistakes the average consumer would not
notice when it comes to a radio commercial. The consumer would simply tune-
out mentally and/or physically because of these costly mistakes. Problem
number one with the commercial - It took 45 seconds to identify exactly what
the radio commercial was for! What was even more shocking, this was a
commercial for a national care repair chain. It wasn't "Chuck's Burger Stand".
One would naturally expect that if a company as large as this would have top of
the line radio commercials on the air - at the least - ones written by people who
know what it takes to be effective! The front :45 seconds was a failed attempt at
humor about a hair salon. Then it somehow made the "natural" shift to talking
about car parts in the last :15 seconds.

There is nothing wrong with having a humor angle in the first 5-15 seconds of
a commercial, but keep it at that: 5 to 15 seconds. I can guarantee about 98%
of potential customers for this business mentally tuned out after the first 15
seconds. It went on, and on... and on... with no real point. By the time the radio
commercial finally go to the auto parts message, you were trying to figure out
what it was you just heard and completely missed the point of the radio
commercial: Giving the consumer a reason to visit the store. There was
absolutely no "reason" or "call to action" in this radio commercial. Which brings
me to my second point.

Mistake #2 - No Call to Action. If you want to consumer to take action - and
actually call your number, visit your store or log on to your website... You need
to give them a reason! The little factoid that you simply "exist" is not a good
enough reason. Make an offer that your competition is not - "Free consultation -
a $100 value", "Free this or that just for calling or stopping in", "you will be
entered to win a XXXX just for calling", "if you’re not happy, we will give you back
your money plus some", "offer is for today only", "call in the next 10 mins and
we'll give you XXXX free".... The options are endless! Just be sure the call to
action is good! Simply saying take 10% off is NOT a strong call to action. It has
to be a clear cut - "here is what I'm getting out of the deal" kind of offer.

Often times the consumer has no clue as to what your products or services
cost. So the offer needs to be physical. If you sell products that cost $100 each
- you are better off saying “take up to $50 off your total order today, limit 5". It’s
the same as taking 10% off each item - up to 5. It sounds much more
intriguing - while communicating the same message. When you only have :30
seconds or 3 lines to convey a message - you need to make every word count.
So remember... Make the call to action count!

The take away from this article should simply be this - Be Real with your
customers. Don't try to be too "cute" and don’t make a crappy offer or an offer
they won’t really understand. Speak in their terms - not yours to make every
second of your radio commercial count!

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