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So why do radio commercials work so well at attracting customers to their
business? It’s quite simple really… Audio, and more people use radio as a
medium than any other media.

Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t just put anything out there and expect it to
work simply because a radio commercial is based on audio. The message
has to have that compelling hook to it, it needs to have an offer that makes the
consumer remember the advertiser and the message. The bottom line though
is quite simple – if the radio commercial has these qualities – it sticks in
people minds, and they take action. Human’s are a very “audible” species.
Audio makes a bigger impact in our minds than almost anything else.

Combine the fact that audio sticks in humans minds with the fact that radio
has massive amounts of listeners. Don’t be fooled by people who say “all I
listen to are mp3s”. These people are a very small fraction of the population.
The fact is Broadcast Radio is used by 77% of Americans each day (and by
90% of the employed population, 2 ½ hrs/day). And those that swear by mp3’
s… the fact is 80-90% of those people also listen to radio the same day.

Why is it then that some people will say: “My radio commercial didn’t work”?
There could be multiple reasons. If your car is not working… there is a reason.
It’s not because the medium of driving is a bad idea. It’s because there was
something specifically wrong with your vehicle. The reason a radio commercial
had minimal success can usually be determined by looking at a few key
factors. Number One: What was the message? Did it speak directly to a target
group of consumers and give a compelling message or offer? Or did it simply
state the obvious – “My business is here and its great, come by today…”
Second: What type of station did it air on? Was it on the station(s) that your
target customer listens to? – Or simply the cheapest or the station “you like”?
Third: How long did it play for? Radio is a frequency medium. Meaning your
target customer needs to hear that commercial several times before they take
action. If you only played it for a few days, and saw no results. Don’t be
surprised. Often times, it takes weeks to get solid results. The good news here
is that once it takes hold – It can often times turn into a waterfall of new
customers. Businesses who have been using radio for years know this, that is
why they are still using the medium. If you’re new to radio advertising – take
note. It may take time for your message to take hold, but that patience paired
with the right message and right station can pay off BIG time.

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